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Cattleya velutina Velvety Cattleya


Velvety Cattleya , Cattleya velutina


Cattleya velutina Rchb. f. 1870

Common Name Velvety Cattleya

Flower Size 4" [10 cm]

A medium sized, cool to hot growing, epiphytic orchid from Brazil on plains in small clumps of brush giving shade from the sun with long and slender, clustered, jointed, grooved pseudobulb carrying 2 apical, oblong-lorate, coriaceous, obtuse leaves that blooms in the late spring and summer on a terminal, 5" [12.5 cm] long, 4 to 7 flowered, long-lived inflorescence that has highly fragrant, glossy and heavy textured flowers.

Synonyms Cattleya alutacea B.-R. 1892; Cattleya alutacea B.-R. var velutina B.-R. 1882; Cattleya fragrans B.-R. 1882