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Cymbidium erythrostylum Red Column Cymbidium


Red Column Cymbidium , Cymbidium erythrostylum


Cymbidium erythrostylum Rolfe 1905

Sun, Warm to Cool,  LATE Summer to Fall"

Common Name The Red Column Cymbidium

Flower Size 2.4" [6 cm]

Found in Vietnam at elevations around 1500 meters, where it can be encountered on trees, in the ground or on rocks, and is a very forgiving plant that can be grown many ways. This apecies has narrow-ovoid, bilaterally flattened pseudobulbs with 2 to 3, scarious with age cataphylls and carries, 6 to 8, thin, narrowly linear-obovate, arched, unequally apiculate apice leaves. It is from the second group mentioned in the genus description and so is best grown warm to cool and will bloom in the late summer and fall on a basal, erect or arching, 2' [60 cm] long, racemose scape with basal sheaths and 4 to 10, long-lasting, non-fragrant flowers.

Synonyms Cyperorchis erythrostyla (Rolfe) Schltr. 1924; Cymbidium erythrostylum var magnificum Hort 1931