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Cymbidium floribundum Many Flowered, Small Cymbidium


Many Flowered, Small Cymbidium, Cymbidium floribundum


Cymbidium floribundum Lindl. 1833

Common Name The Many Flowered, Small Cymbidium - In China Dua Hua Lan

Flower Size 1.2 to 1.6" [3 to 4 cm]

Found in Southern China in Yunnan State, S Taiwan and in northern Vietnam in primary broadleaf evergreen forests in shaded gorges and ridge tops [also naturalized to the warmer parts of Japan] at elevations around 400 to 3300 meters as a small to medium sized, cool to cold growing terrestrial, epyphyte or lithophyte with small, ovoid, slightly bilaterally compressed pseudobulbs enveloped by 5 scarious sheaths and carrying 5 to 6, linear-elliptic, arching , acute, usually obliwue apically, articulated to the pseudobulb leaves that blooms in the spring with a robust, suberect, 6 to 10" [16"] [15 to 25 {40}] long, several to many [6 to 45] flowered inflorescence with 6 to 8, becoming scarious, cylindrical in the lower half, becoming expanded and cymbiform, acute bracts asnd triangular, short, acute floral bracts and carrying close set, non-scented flowers that turn rosy to red after pollination.

Basically this species and C suavissimum have many similarities but they differ in that this one has small 1.15" [3.3 cm] long pseudobulbs with green cataphylls and a smaller in length as well as width leaf, a shorter inflorescence with less flowers that are unscented have no auricle at the column base, with smaller sepals and petals and blooms in the spring.

C suavissimum has larger pseduobulbs to 2.4" [6 cm] long, purple cataphylls, a much longer leaf to 28" [to 70 cm] long, a much wider leaf, a to 20" [50 cm] long inflorescence carrying more flowers [to 50], that are fruit scented, has an auricle at the column base, longer sepals and petals as well as blooming in the summer.

Synonyms Cymbidium floribundum f. virescens (Makino) O.Gruss & M.Wolff 2007; Cymbidium floribundum var. pumilum (Rolfe) Y.S. Wu & S.C. Chen 1980; Cymbidium illiberale Hayata 1914; Cymbidium pumilum Rolfe 1907; Cymbidium pumilum f. virescens Makino 1912