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Cymbidium rectum Erect Cymbidium


Erect Cymbidium, Cymbidium rectum


Cymbidium rectum Ridl. 1920

Common Name The Erect Cymbidium [refers to the inflorescence]

Flower Size 1.6" [4 cm]

Found in pennisular Malaysia and Borneo in wet open forests at elevations of 400 to 800 meters as a large sized, hot growing epiphyte with elongate-ovoid pseudobulbs enveloped by 2 to 3 cataphylls and a few leaf-bearing sheaths and carrying 7 to 9, narrowly ligulate, unequally bilobed to oblique apically, v-shaped in cross-section, coriaceous, stiff, arching leaves that blooms mostly in the late winter and spring on a suberect to horizontal, to 16" [40 cm] long, to 17 flowered inflroescence with about 5, cymbiform, overlapping, spreading sheaths towards the base and triangular floral bracts