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Cymbidium roseum Rose-Colored Cymbidium


Rose-Colored Cymbidium , Cymbidium roseum


Cymbidium roseum J.J.Sm. 1905

Common Name The Rose-Colored Cymbidium

Flower Size 2 to 2.4" [5 to 6 cm]

Found in the penninsular Malayasia , Java and Sumatra in crevices on vertical rock faces or low down on trees at elevations around 1450 to 2400 meters as a medium sized, warm to cool growing epiphyte or terrestro-lithophytic orchid with stem-like pseudobulbs completely enveloped by leaf sheaths and carrying 7 to 12, strap-shaped, somewhat unequally bilobed apically, tough, leathery leaves that blooms in the fall on an axillary, erect to horizontal, 12" [30 cm] long, 2 to 5 flowered infloresence mostly enveloped by 9 sheaths and carrying triangular, acute floral bracts and faintly fragrant flowers that do not open fully.

Both of the specimens pictured are correct. This is a variable species in form and color.

Synonyms Cyperorchis rosea (J.J.Sm.) Schltr. 1924