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Cymbidium sigmoideum "S" Shaped Cymbidium


"S" Shaped Cymbidium , Cymbidium sigmoideum


Cymbidium sigmoideum J.J.Sm. 1907

Common Name The "S" Shaped Cymbidium

Flower Size 1.4 to 1.8" [3.5 to 4.5 cm]

Found in Malaysia, Borneo, Java and Sumatra in cooler montane forests often in deep shade at elevations of 800 to 1700 as a large sized, cool growing epiphyte with stem-like, not inflated, inconspicuous paeudobulbs enveloped completely by leaf bases and carrrying 9 to 12, linear-obovate, acute, articulated 2 to 3.2" [5 to 8 cm] from the pseudobulb that blooms sporadically throughout the year on a basal, horizontal to pendulous, 10 to 29.5 [25 to 83 cm] long, 4 to 23 flowered, purple inflorescence enveloped by 9 to 10, imbricate, cymbiform, acute bracts and ovate to triangular, acute floral bracts and carrying waxy flowers

Synonyms Cymbidium kinabaluense K.M.Wong & C.L.Chan 1993; Cyperorchis sigmoidea (J.J.Sm.) J.J.Sm.1927