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Dendrobium chameleon Chameleon Dendrobium


Chameleon Dendrobium, Dendrobium chameleon


Dendrobium chameleon Ames 1908

Common Name The Chameleon Dendrobium [Refers to the flowers quick change from original color to yellow as they age] - In China Chang Zhao Shi Hu

Flower Size 1 to 1 1/2" [2.5 to 3.75 cm]

A medium sized, cool to warm growing epiphyte or lithophyte from the Philippines and Taiwan occuring at altitudes of 600 to 1000 meters on rocks, tree fern and tree trunks or hanging from branches in damp, shaded areas. This species needs an even temperature year round but in the winter months the plant should get less water but not allowed to dry out entirely. It has cane-like, branching, pendant to horizontal stems that are thickened apically carrying many, ovate, evergreen leaves and blooms on an axillary, short, many to each pseudobulb, all along upper third of the leafed cane, 1 to 4 flowered, racemose inflorescence with flowers that quickly lose their original color and turn yellow..

Synonyms Dendrobium chameleon f. alba Ames & Quisumb 1931; Dendrobium chameleon var. ovatilabium Ames & Quisumb. 1931; Dendrobium longicalcaratum Hayata 1914; Dendrobium randaiense Hayata 1911; Pedilonum longicalcaratum (Hayata) Rauschert 1983