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Dendrobium dearei Deare's Dendrobium


Deare's Dendrobium, Dendrobium dearei


Dendrobium dearei Rchb. f. 1882

North Borneo Form always sold as D ovipostriferum

Common Name Deare's Dendrobium [English Colonel in the Philippines late 1800's]

Flower Size 3" [7.5 cm]

A medium to large sized, hot growing epiphytic species from Borneo and the Philippines that is found in coastal forests at altitudes of 60 to 100 meters with erect, slightly thicker above, sulcate, leafy throughout the stem and having leaf sheaths that are covered in black hairs carrying coriaceous, distichous, oblong-ligulate leaves with the uppermost persistent and has a bloom time of winter and spring with an axillary to terminal, arching, short, racemose, 6 to 18 flowered inflorescence that arises from the upper nodes on old and new canes and carries musty smelling flowers. This Dendrobium has a more balanced watering and fertilizing schedule than most, so give it even conditions year round.

Synonyms Callista dearii (Rchb. f.) Kuntze 1891