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Dendrobium fairchildae Fairchild's Dendrobium


Fairchild's Dendrobium, Dendrobium fairchildae


Dendrobium fairchildae Ames & Quisumb. 1932

Common Name Fairchild's Dendrobium [American Woman Orchid Enthusiast in the Philippines 1900's]

Flower Size 1 1/2" to 2" [3.75 to 5 cm]

This is a Philippine, large sized, warm to cool growing, lithophytic, deciduous leafed species occuring on exposed rocks at elevations above 1200 meters with clustered, terete, slender stems carrying many, 2 ranked, lanceolate, pointed, deciduous, membraneous leaves that blooms in the mid summer and fall an a very short, axillary, pendulous, few to several [6 to 9] flowered raceme that arise from the nodes near the apex and on the sides of the older leafless canes. Gradually reduce the amount of water and fertilizer through the fall and winter months and resume in the spring after the onset of new growth.

Synonyms Dendrobium fairchildiae f. album Cootes 2001