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Dendrobium formosum Beautiful Giant-Flowered Dendrobium


Beautiful Giant-Flowered Dendrobium, Dendrobium formosum


Dendrobium formosum Roxb. var gigantea Roxburg ex Lindley 1832

Fragrance, Part sun, Cool To Hot, Fall To Winter

Common Name The Beautiful Giant-Flowered Dendrobium - Ueang ngoen luang - Ueang ta hoen - Ueang khi phueng

Flower Size 5" or less [12.5 cm less]

This is a small to medium sized, fall to winter bloomer on a short, axillary or terminal raceme with 1 to 4 fragrant flowers that arise from the nodes near the apex of the leafed mature cane and can be found in the Assam, Bangladesh, eastern Himalayas, India, Nepal, Sikkim, Andaman Islands, Myanamar, Thailand and Vietnam at elevations of 900 to 2300 meters with medium sized, terete, erect stems that are leafy in the upper 2 thirds and carries spreading, coriaceous, oblong-elliptic, obtuse leaves that are articulated to the hirsute, tubular leaf-sheaths below and does well in wood slat baskets and likes cool to hot conditions. Callista formosa (Roxb.) Kuntze 1891; Dendrobium infundibulum Rchb.f not Lindley ?