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Dendrobium goldschmidtianum Goldschmidt's Dendrobium


Goldschmidt's Dendrobium, Dendrobium goldschmidtianum


Dendrobium goldschmidtianum Kraenzl. 1909

Common Name Goldschmidt's Dendrobium [German orchid Enthusiast 1900's and first to flower species] - in China Hong Hua Shi Hu

Flower Size 1/2" [1.25 cm]

A medium to large sized, hot to warm growing, low altitude epipyhte found most often in ficus trees in the banyan jungles of Taiwan and the Philippines below the altitude of 300 meters with clustered, unbranched, cane-like stems carrying many, deciduous, lenear-lanceolate, pointed leaves. The bloom season is in the late winter and early spring and a secondary bloom in the later summer and early fall on a short, fasciculate, racemose, few to several flowered inflorescence that arises from the nodes all along the older leafless cane with 4 to 8, small, fragrant flowers held in a cluster. They need a slight lessening of water and a cessation of fertilizer through the winter months and resuming with the onset of spring and prefer a semishaded situation.

Synonyms Dendrobium hainanense Masumune & Hayata 1896; Dendrobium irayense Ames & Quisumbing 1934; Dendrobium miyakei Schlechter 1919; Dendrobium pseudohainanense Masam.1933; Dendrobium victoria-reginae Loher var miyakei [Schlechter]Liu & Su; Pedilonum goldschmidtianum (Kraenzl.) Rauschert 1983 Pedilonum miyakei (Schltr.) Rauschert 1983