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Dendrobium secundum Anggerek sikat gigi


Anggerek sikat gigi , Dendrobium secundum


Dendrobium secundum [Bl.] Lindl. 1828

Fragrance, Part sun, Cool To Hot LATE Spring and Summer

Common Name Refers to the flowers all facing one direction - in Indonesia - Anggerek sikat gigi or toothbrush orchid - In Thailand - ueang praeng sifan - Khaw ngu hao - Ueang ngawn kai

Flower Size to 1/2" [to 1.25 cm]

This semi-pendulous, medium to large sized, cool to hot growing, cane species is found in Burma, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, penninsular Malaysia, Java, Sumatra, Borneo New Guinea and the Philippines in semi-deciduous and deciduous dry lowland forests and savana-like woodlands at elevations of sealevel to 700 meters with erect or semipendulous, stout, tapering at both ends, sulcate stems with oblong to oblong-lanceolate, persistent, unequally bilobed apically leaves that bloom in the late summer through late spring on last years mature pseudobulb with the 5" [12.5 cm] long inflorescence arising from near the apex of the leafless canes with many [50], waxy, glossy, fragrant flowers that do not open well. This orchid should be mounted to accomodate the often pendulous growth habit but if a pot is used it should be as small as possible and it should be allowed to dry out between waterings and fertilizer lessened through the winter months resuming only after the initiation of new growth in the spring.

Synonyms Callista bursigera [Lindley]O. Ktze 1891; Callista secunda [Bl.] O. Ktze 1891; Dendrobium bursigerum Lindley 1859; Dendrobium heterostigma Rchb.f 1859; Dendrobium secundum f. album Valmayor; Dendrobium secundum [Bl.]Lindl. var bursigerum Ridley; Dendrobium secundum var. niveum Rchb.f. 1882; Pedilonum bursigerum (Lindl.) Rauschert 1983; *Pedilonum secundum Bl. 1825