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Dendrobium thyrsiflorum Pine Cone-Like Raceme Dendrobium


Pine Cone-Like Raceme Dendrobium, Dendrobium thyrsiflorum


Dendrobium thyrsiflorum Rchb.f 1875

Common Name The Pine Cone-Like Raceme Dendrobium - In Thailand - Ueang mawn khai - In China Qui Hua Shi Hu

Flower Size to 2" [to 5 cm]

Found in the Chinese Himalayas, Hainan China, Assam India, eastern Himalayas, Myanamr, Thailand, Laos and Vietnam as a small to large sized, warm to cool growing, epiphytic, lithophytic or terrestrial speciesfound in humid, mossy mixed and coniferous forests enjoys lots of light and air movement and has slender, ridged, rounded, club-shaped, yellowish apically stems carrying 5 to 7, persistent, smooth, flexible, dark green leaves that blooms in the spring on a pendant, 12" [30 cm] long, densly several to many [30 to 50] fragrant flowered raceme that arise from near the apex of the cane and is best mounted on driftwood and is a native of The Himalayas, China, Thailand and Burma at elevations of 1200 to 2000 meters with semi shade. Water sparingly throught he winter months and reduce the fertilizer until the initiation of new growth in the spring.

Synonyms Callista thyrsiflora (Rchb.f. ex André) M.A.Clem. 2003; Dendrobium densiflorum var. alboluteum Hook.f. 1869; Dendrobium galliceanum Linden 1890;