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Dendrobium wenzelii Wenzel's Dendrobium


Wenzel's Dendrobium, Dendrobium wenzellii


Dendrobium wenzelii Ames 1915

Common Name Wenzel's Dendrobium [Orchid Collector in the Philippines 1800's]

Flower Size less than 1/2" [Less than 1.25 cm]

This is an endemic to the Philippines, miniature sized, hot growing species from the island of Leyte at elevations of 300 meters or less with slender stems carrying many, rigid, triangular, sickle-shaped, 2 ranked leaves all along the stem that blooms on a short, 1 flowered inflorescence that arises from the cushion af fiberous scales at the stem nodes across from the rudimentary leafs. This orchid has a zigzag leaf pattern like the Dichaea but the last 2 apical leaves always appear to be orange in color. A slight reduction of water and fertilizer should occur through the winter months and only increased with the arrival of new growth in the spring.

Synonyms Aporum wenzelii (Ames) M.A.Clem. 2003