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Encyclia adenocarpa Swollen Fruit Encyclia


Swollen Fruit Encyclia , Encyclia adenocarpa


Encyclia adenocarpa (Lex.) Schltr. 1914

Common Name The Swollen Fruit Encyclia

Found through most of the Pacific coast of Mexico south through Nicaragua on dry foothills, lava-flows, thorn forests or tropical deciduous forests, even on cacti at elevations around sea level to 1200 meters as a hot to warm growing epiphyte with clustered conic-ovaoid pseudobulbs and carrying 2 to 3 linear to strap shaped, folded leaves that gradually narrow into the base and blooms on a terminal, simple or branches, 10" to to 30" [25 cm to 1m] long, few to many [4 to 40] flowered inflorescnece that carry the fragrant flower well above the leaves

Synonyms Encyclia papillosa (Bateman ex Lindl.) Aguirre-Olav. 1987; *Epidendrum adenocarpon Lex. 1825; Epidendrum adenocarpon var. rosei Ames, F.T.Hubb. & C.Schweinf. 1935; Epidendrum crispatum Knowles & Westc. 1838; Epidendrum papillosum Bateman ex Lindl. 1838;