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Encyclia amicta Two-Horned Encyclia


Two-Horned Encyclia , Encyclia amicta


Encyclia amicta (L. Linden & Rchb. f.) Schltr.

Common Name Two-Horned Encyclia

Flower Size to 1 1/4"

Found in Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay, ?Argentina, Peru, Colombia and Venezuela as a small sized, hot to warm growing epiphyte and lithophyte at elevations around 400 meters with new onion-shaped pseudobulbs enveloped completely by pale grey, scarious sheaths and the older ones dark brown, shriveled, furrowed and shiney and are generally leafless. The new pseudobulb carries 2, apical, linear, acute, gradually narrowing below into the conduplicate base leaves that blooms in the summer and fall on a terminal, erect, 6" to 16" [15 to 45 cm], dark brown, rough, several to 20 flowered, racemose to shortly paniculate inflorescence arising on a matured pseudobulb.

Said to be a synonym of Encyclia flava but I will leave it separate at this time.

Synonyms Encyclia linearifolioides (Kraenzl.) Hoehne 1938; *Epidendrum amictum L. Linden & Rchb. f. 1855; Epidendrum linearifolioides Kraenzl.1911