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Encyclia brassavolae Brassavola-Like Panarica


Brassavola-Like Panarica, Encyclia brassavolae


Panarica brassavolae [Rchb.f] Withner & Harding 2004

Common Name The Brassavola-Like Panarica [refers to the flower shape]

Flower Size to 4" [to 10 cm]

Found in Mexico to Nicaragua and Costa Rica at altitudes of 900 to 2500 meters in wet pine oak and evergreen forest on larger branches and tree trunks as a medium sized, warm to cool growing epiphyte and occasional lithophyte with elongate, ovoid, bifoliate pseudobulbs with papery, basal bracts and a elliptic oblong, obtuse leaf that becomes loosely conduplicate below into the base and blooms in the summer and fall on an apical, erect, to 1 1/2' [45 cm] long, few to many [6 to 9] flowered, racemose inflorescence arising on a newly matured pseudobulb subtended by a large brown sheath and having faintly fragrant, fleshy flowers.

Synonyms Encyclia brassavolae (Rchb. f.) Dressler 1961; Encyclium brassavolae [Rchb.f] Lindley ex Stein 1892; *Epidendrum brassavolae Rchb. f.1852; Hormidium brassavolae [Rchb.f] Brieger 1877; Prosthechea brassavolae (Rchb. f.) W. E. Higgins 1997; Pseudencyclia brassavolae (Rchb.f.) V.P.Castro & Chiron 2003