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Encyclia cardimii  Cardim's Encyclia


 Cardim's Encyclia, Encyclia cardimii


Encyclia cardimii Pabst 1977

Common Name Cardim's Encyclia [Brazilian Nurseryman 1900's]

Flower Size 1.4" [3.5 cm]

Found in Brazil and said by Campacci to be a Synonym of E oncidioides but many feel that it is not. I have it separate here. To quote Rick Cirino " This plant was brought back from Brazil by Jack Fowlie, by the way of Verboonen. This plant matches the type of Encyclia cardimii, according to Marv Ragan, Dave Hunt, and myself. This plant is in no way a match for Encyclia Oncidiodes. If the Brazilians looked at the type, they would not have made this mistake." The orchid has narrowly ovoid psuedobulbs carrying 3 apical, erect, coriaceous, obtuse leaves that blooms on a terminal, racemose, erect, 6" [15 cm] long, to 4 flowered inflorescence.