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Euchile citrina Tulip Orchid


Tulip Orchid, Encyclia citrina


Euchile citrina [La Llave & Lex.] Withner 1998

Common Name Daffodil or Tulip Orchid - in Mexico - Limoncito [Little Lemon] - The Citrus Euchile

Flower Size 3 - 3 1/2" [7.5 to 8.7 cm]

Endemic to cerntral and Southern Mexico, this small sized, pendant, epiphytic, warm to cool growing orchid with gray green folige and psuedobulbs is found growing in light shade in oak and pine forests at elevations of 1300 to 2600 meters with clustered, pendant, ovoid, conical or fusiform pseudobulbs carrying 2 to 4 towards the apex, elliptic, obtuse or acute leaves that blooms in the spring or early summer on an apical, pendant racemose inflorescence that is the 8" [20 cm] long, or the length of the leaves, with 1 or 2 fragrant waxy flowers smelling of citrus. This plant is best mounted on tree fern or cork in a pendant position where it should recieve waterings while in growth and a long rest in the winter after growth has matured.. The citrina flower is said to relieve stomach disorders.

Synonyms Cattleya citrina [La Llave & Lex.] Lindl. 1824; Cattleya karwinskii Mart. 1830; Cattleya sulfurina Lem. 1854; Encyclia citrina (La Llave & Lex.) Dressler 1961 Epidendrum citrinum (La Llave & Lex.) Rchb. f. 1862; Hormidium citrinum [La Llave & Lex.] Brieger 1977; Prosthechea citrina (Lex.) W.E.Higgins 1998; *Sobralia citrina La Llave & Lex. 1825