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Encyclia cyperifolia Sword-leafed Encyclia


Sword-leafed Encyclia , Encyclia cyperifolia


Encyclia cyperifolia (C. Schweinf.) Carnevali & I. Ramírez 1993 Photos courtesy of Jay PfahlŠ

Part sun , Warm Hot, LATE Summer and EARLY Fall

Common Name Sword-leafed Encyclia

Flower Size 2 1/2" [6 cm]

Found in Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador and Peru as a small to medium sized, hot to warm growing, pendant, caespitose epiphyte in hot, wet montane forests that occurs at 50 to 1200 meters with ovoid-pyriform, [leek-like] lightly sulcate pseudobulbs subtended by several basal, scarious sheaths and carries 3 to 4 narrowly linear, acuminate, coriaceous, basally clasping leaves and blooms on an apical, erect, 12 to 20" [30 to 50 cm] long, pebbley, racemose or few branched, loosely few to several [15] flowered, paniculate inflorescence with small tubular, scarious bracts that is the length of the leaves, carrying a few [4 to 5] flowers arising on a mature, ovoid-pyriform, lightly sulcate pseudobulb with several basal scarious sheaths occuring in the late summer and early fall.

Synonyms Bletia ensiformis Ruiz & Pav. 1798; Encyclia ensiformis (Ruiz & Pav.) Mansf. ?; Encyclia microtis var grandiflora [Schweinf.] Hoehne 1952; Epidendrum cyperifolium C. Schweinf. 1953; Epidendrum microtos var. grandiflorum C. Schweinf. 1943