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Encyclia flabellifera Fan-Carrying Encyclia


Fan-Carrying Encyclia, Encyclia flabellifera


Encyclia flabellifera Hoehne & Schlechter 1926 Photo courtesy of Dale and Deni Borders.

Part sun Warm, Hot Spring

Common Name The Fan-Carrying Encyclia [refers to the conduplicate lip and it's similarity to a ladies folding fan]

This is a Brazilian species from the Sao Paulo area that blooms on a lax, apical, racemose inflorescence. It is said to be a synonym of Encyclia ionosma but these 2 species are quite different if they are labeled correctly. Found in Espiritu Santo and Sao Paulo states with pear-shaped pseudobulbs and blooms in the early spring on a paniculate, longer than the leafseveral flowered inflorescence.

Some sources give this name as a synonym of E euosma, others E ionosma and still others cite all three as valid so I have kept them separate for now. They do all seem fairly similar.