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Encyclia flava Yellow Encyclia


Yellow Encyclia , Encyclia flava


Encyclia flava (Lindl.) Porto & Brade 1935 Photo courtesy of Jay Pfahl

Part sun Hot Warm to LATE Winter Spring

Common Name The Yellow Encyclia

Flower Size 1 1/4" [3 cm]

Found in Venezuela and Para' and Matto Grosso states of Brazil in subtropical forests as a small sized, hot to warm growing epiphyte and occasional lithophyte that blooms in the winter and spring .

Said to be a synonomous with Encyclia amicta (L. Linden & Rchb. f.) Schltr. 1919 and E linearifoliodes but I will leave it separate at this time. I have also left E conchaelabia separate as well that is often cited as a synonym of E flava.

Synonyms Encyclia bicornuta Brade 1943; Encyclia microxanthina Fowlie 1991; *Epidendrum flavum Lindl. 1841