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Encyclia fucata Brown Veined Encyclia


Brown Veined Encyclia, Encyclia fucata


Encyclia fucata (Lindl.) Britton & Millsp. 1920

Inflorescence Photo courtesy of Luis Borges in Cuba

Common Name Brown Veined Encyclia - In Cuba - Vainilla Amarilla

Flower Size 1" [2.5 cm]

Found in the Bahamas, Hispanola and Cuba in coffee plantations and deep forests at elevations around 300 meters as an medium to large sized, hot growing epiphyte or lithophyte on coral or on solitary trees in grasslands with 2 to 3 linear-lanceolate, coriaceous leaves that bloom in the summer through early fall on a terminal, erect, slender, to 28" [70 cm] long, panicle with many [50], very fragrant flowers.

Synonyms Encyclia hircina (A. Rich.) Acuņa 1939; Epidendrum affine Richard 1850; *Epidendrum fucatum Lindl. 1838; Epidendrum hircinum Richard 1850; Epidendrum obcordatum Jenn. 1917; Epidendrum polyanthum Lindl. 1853; Epidendrum sagraeanum Richard 1850;