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Encyclia glumacea Chaffy Anacheilium


Chaffy Anacheilium, Encyclia glumacea


Anacheilium glumaceum (Lindl.) Pabst, Moutinho ex A.V. Pinto 1981 Photo by Lourens Grobler

Common Name The Chaffy Anacheilium [refers to the chaffelike spathes enclosing the floral parts]

Flower Size to about 2" [ to about 5 cm]

Found in Nicaragua, Guatemala, Ecuador and central coastal to southern coastal Brazil at elevattions around 50 meters as a cool to hot growing epiphyte with flat and narrow pseudobulbs carrying 2 to 3 apical leaves that blooms on an erect, 6" [15 cm] long, densly 6 to 12 flowereed inflorescence with a brown, prominent spathe surrounding the peduncle and inverted, fragrant, flowers occuring in the summer and fall. Ana. almasii is found in Brazil and is generally larger, has 2 to 3 leaves, 8 to 15 more ornamental flowers that are presented different.

Synonyms Aulizeum glumaceum [Lindley] Lindley ex Stein 1892; Encyclia almasii [Hoehne] Pabst 1967; Encyclia almasyi [Hoehne] Pabst 1967; Encyclia glumacea (Lindl.) Pabst 1972; Epidendrum almasii Hoehne 1947; Epidendrum almasyi Hoehne 1947; Epidendrum glumaceum Lindl. 1839; Hormidium almasii (Hoehne) Brieger 1960; Hormidium glumaceum (Lindl.) Brieger 1960; Prosthechea glumacea [Lindl.] Higgins 1997