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Encyclia guatemalensis Guatemalan Encyclia


Guatemalan Encyclia , Encyclia guatemalensis


Encyclia guatemalensis [Klotzsch] Dressler & Pollard 1971 Photo courtesy of Diederick Antoni Copyright

Common Name Guatemalan Encyclia

Flower Size 1 1/2" [3.75 cm]

A medium sized, epiphytic species from Guatemala, Mexico through Nicaragua, Trinidad and Northern South America at altitudes of 100-1300m in dry scrub oak, oak forest and tropical semi deciduous forests with clustered, conical to ovoid pseudobulbs carrying 2 to 3 linear-ligulate, acute leaves. It blooms in the late spring and summer and has an apical, 6 3/4" to 2' [17 to 60 cm] long, erect to arching, racemose or branching inflorescence with few to many flowers arising on a mature pseudobulb and has a slightly warty pedicel and ovary. This species is a part of the Encyclia oncidioides complex and most likely is a synonym of it along with, Enc gravida, Enc mooreana, Enc stellata, and Enc guianensis.

Synonyms Encyclia alata var virella Dressler & Pollard 1971; Encyclia belizensis [Rchb.f] Schlechter 1918; Epidendrumm alatum var viridiflorum Regel 1856; Epidendrum belizensis Rchb.f 1876; *Epidendrum guatemalensis Klotsch 1852;