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Encyclia kennedyi Kennedy's Encyclia


Kennedy's Encyclia, Encyclia kennedyi


Encyclia kennedyi (Fowlie & Withner) Hágsater 1973

Common Name Kennedy's Encyclia [American Discoverer of species]

Flower Size 3" [7.5 cm]

Found only in Durango and Sinaloa Mexico as a medium sized, warm to cool growing, 2 leafed epiphyte in pine-oak forests at elevations around 1800 to 2000 meters where it flowers in the late spring and early summer on an apical, simple, 3 to 12 flowered infloresence. Very similar to and often cited as a synonym of E adenocaula yet differs in having redder flowers and a prominent midvein on the lip as well as narrower lateral lobes.

Synonyms Encyclia adenocaulos subsp. kennedyi (Fowlie & Withner) Soto Arenas, Salazar & Hágsater 2002 publ. 2003; Encyclia adenocaula var. kennedii (Fowlie & Withner) Hágsater & R. González 1975; *Epidendrum kennedyi Fowlie & Withner 1973