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Encyclia longifolia Long-Leafed Encyclia


Long-Leafed Encyclia , Encyclia longifolia


Encyclia longifolia [Barb.Rodr.]Schlechter 1914 Photo by Lourens Grobler


Common Name The Long-Leafed Encyclia

Flower Size to 1 1/4" [to 3.1 cm]

A hot growing Brazilian species from Pernambuco, Bahia and Minas Gerais states with elongate-fusiform pseudobulbs carrying elongate [to 20" long], apically bilobulate, emarginate leaves that blooms in the late spring on a erect, to 20" to 24" [50 to 60 cm] long, shortly branched, many flowered inflorescence with somewhat fragrant flowers. This species is said by some to be synomonous with Enc. oncidioides.

Said to be a synonym of E oncidioides, until more information is available I will leave them separate.

Synonyms *Epidendrum longifolium Barb. Rodr. 1882