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Encyclia mooreana Moore's Encyclia


Moore's Encyclia, Encyclia mooreana


Encyclia mooreana (Rolfe) Schltr. 1914

Common Name Moore's Encyclia [English Orchid Enthusiast 1800's]

Flower Size 1" [2.5 cm] , Fragrance

Found in El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa RIca and Panama as a medium sized, hot to warm growing species found in lower montane cloud forests on larger branches with shade at an elevations of 270 to 2100 meters with pyriform to conic pseudobulbs subtended with a basal papery bract and with 2 to 3, apical, oblanceolate, fleshy, obtuse and bilobed apicallyconduplicate and clasping below leaves that blooms on an apical, 20" to 6'+ [50 to 200 cm] long, heavily paniculate inflorescence arising on a newly mature pseudobulb with many fragrant [honey] flowers that occur in the late spring and summer. This species is a part of the Encyclia oncidioides complex and most likely is a synonym of it along with, Enc gravida, Enc guatemalensis, Enc stellata, and Enc guianensis.

Synonyms Encyclia brenesii Schlechter 1923; Encyclia oncidioides var. mooreana (Rolfe) Hoehne 1952; Encyclia tonduziana Schlechter 1923; *Epidendrum mooreanum Rolfe 1891; Epidendrum oncidioides var mooreanum [Rolfe]Ames, Hubbard & Schweinf. 1935; Epidendrum tonduzianum Schlechter 1923