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Encyclia neurosa Nerved Prosthechea


Nerved Prosthechea, Encyclia neurosa


Anacheilium neurosum (Ames) Withner & P.A.Harding 2004 Photos by Walter Schug and His MesoAmerican Orchid Page

Fragrance, Part Shade, Hot Warm Fall

Common Name The Nerved Prosthechea [refers to the nerved lip]

Flower Size to 2" [5 cm]

Found in Chiapas state of Mexico, Belize, Guatemala and Costa Rica in wet tropical evergreen forests at elevations around 700 to 1100 meters as a small to medium sized, hot to warm growing epiphyte with well spaced, narrowly spindle-shaped, compressed pseudobulbs carrying 2, apical, erect, subcoriaceous, linear-lanceolate to ensiform, acute to obtuse, leaves and blooms in the fall on a terminal, erect, .8 to 1.2" [2 to 3 cm] long, back to back, 2 flowered, racemose inflorescence and carrying vanilla scented flowers.

Synonyms Encyclia neurosa (Ames) Dressler & G.E.Pollard 1971; *Epidendrum neurosum Ames 1922; Prosthechea neurosa ( Ames ) W.E.Higgins 1997 publ. 1998