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Encyclia ochracea Ochre Yellow Encyclia



Encyclia ochracea (Lindl.) Dressler 1961 Photo courtesy of Robert Weyman Bussey

Common Name The Ochre Yellow Encyclia

Flower Size 1/2 to 3/4" [1.25 to 2 cm]

Found as a medium sized, hot to cool growing epiphyte from Mexico south to Panama in pastures and disturbed deciduous cloudforests that occurs at elevations of 500 to 3500 meters with loosely clustered, narrowly ovoid to fusiform-ovoid pseudobulbs carrying 2 to 3 towards the apex, narrowly ligulate-elliptic to ligulate-lanceolate, acute or narrowly obtuse leaves that blooms mostly in the spring and summer but possible at any time, on an apical, to 12" [6 to 30 cm] long, simple, pendulous to arching, densly many [6 to 12] flowered inflorescence arising on a mature pseudobulb and is shorter or just as long as the leaves and carries non-resupinate, successive opening, fleshy, cup shaped flowers. This species can be distinguished from E maculosa by not having a warty-echinate surface on the flowers.

Synonyms *Epidendrum ochraceum Lindl. 1838; Epidendrum pachyriferum Schlechter ?; Epidendrum parviflorum Sessť & Moc. 1894; Epidendrum triste A. Rich. & Gal. 1845; Prosthechea ochracea (Lindl.) W. E. Higgins 1997