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Encyclia powellii Starry Alanje Encyclia


Starry Alanje Encyclia, Encyclia powellii


Encyclia stellata (Lindl.) Schltr. 1914

Common Name The Starry Alanje Encyclia [A Costa Rican Town]

Flower Size 1.2" [3 cm]

Found in Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia and Western Venezuela in lowland dry or seasonally dry forests with clustered, ovoid to subglobose, smooth, shiney green in youth, irregularily rugose with age psuedobulbs enveloped basally by little to no sheaths and carrying, 2, apical,. coriaceous, rigid, sharp margined, sulcate midvein, conduplicate below into the base leaves that blooms in the late winter and early spring on a terminal, short to 9.2" [to 23 cm] long, verruculose, racemose or paniculate inflorescence arising on a newly matured pseudobulb. This species is a part of the Encyclia oncidioides complex and most likely is a synonym of it along with, Enc gravida, Enc mooreana, Enc guatemalensis, and Enc guianensis.

Synonyms Encyclia alanjensis [Ames] Carnevali & Romero 1994; Encyclia hunteriana Schlechter 1922; Encyclia powellii Schlechter 1922; Epidendrum alanjense Ames 1922; *Epidendrum stellatum Lindley 1853;