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Encyclia rufa Bahama Encyclia


Bahama Encyclia , Encyclia rufa


Encyclia rufa [Lindley]Britton & Millsap 1920

Common Name Bahama Encyclia

Flower Size

This is a Bahamian species that grows epiphytically at the base of small trees but occasionally arise lithophytically on the limestone rocks below at elevations of 0 to 30 meters, blooming in the spring on an erect, several flowered inflorescence with fragrant showy flowers.

Synonyms Encyclia bahamamense [Griesb.] Britt & Millsp. 1920; Epidendrum bahamaense Griesb. 1864; Epidendrum primulinum Batem ex Lindl. 1853; *Epidendrum rufum Lindl. 1845