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Encyclia tampensis Tampa Encyclia


Tampa Encyclia , Encyclia tampensis


Encyclia tampensis [Lindl.] Small 1913

Common Name Florida Butterfly Orchid or Tampa Encyclia

Flower Size 1 1/2" [4 cm] , Fragant

A Florida native as well as the Bahamas and as a variety Cuba [encyclia tampense var amesiana], a small to medium sized, warm to cool grower found at elevations of sealevel to 25 meters that likes wood mounts, and blooms on an apical, medium length to 2 1/2'[75 cm], simple or paniculate inflorescence that is longer than the leaves with a few to several fragrant flowers with a sweet scent, occuring in the spring. Easy to attach to palm trees and pines in South Florida and does not need any attention in the way of water or fertilizer.

In the Florida Keys, native plants can bloom in June through August and again in September on a robust plant.

Synonyms Epidendrum porphyrospilum Rchb.f 1877; Encyclia tampensis f. albolabia P.M.Br. 1995; *Epidendrum tampense Lindley 1847;