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Encyclia trachycarpa Rough-fruited Encyclia


Rough-fruited Encyclia , Encyclia trachycarpa


Encyclia trachycarpa (Lindl.) Schltr. 1918 Photo courtesy of Robert Weyman Bussey

Common Name Rough-fruited Encyclia

Flower Size 1 1/2" [3.75 cm]

Found only in Jalisco and Colima states of Mexico in tropical deciduous forests and hot dry lowlands as a hot growing epiphyte on trees and cacti, occuring at sealevel to 1300 meters with clustered, conic-ovoid pseudobulbs carrying 2 to 3 apical, striate nerved, linear, acute leaves that flowers in the late spring and early summer on a simple to few branched, 1 1/2' [45 cm] long, 6 to 10 flowered inflorescence. It is normal for the flowers of this species to turn black with drying and age.

Synonyms Encyclia adenocarpon subsp. trachycarpa (Lindl.) Dressler & G.E. Pollard 1971; *Epidendrum trachycarpum Lindl. 1846