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Oncidium adelaidae Adelaida's Oncidium


Adelaida's Oncidium , Oncidium adelaidae


Oncidium adelaidae Königer 1995 SECTION Heterantha


Common Name Adelaida's Oncidium [Named For Sra. Bohmer of Cali Colombia Current]

Flower Size 1/2" [1.25 cm]

Found in Valle de Cauca state Colombia at elevations around 1400 meters as a small sized, cool growing epiphyte with closely spaced, narrowly elliptic to narrowly ovate, laterally compressed, ancipitous, slightly rugose pseudobulbs partially enveloped basally by 1 to 2 pairs of, distichous, imbricating leafless sheaths and carrying a single, apical, oblong-lanceolate, obtuse, conduplicate below into the short, narrow base that blooms in the spring on an axillary, arching to nodding, 39 to 51" [100 to 130 cm] long, paniculate, to 30 well spaced branches from end to end, many flowered inflorescence with fragrant [honey], lipped flowers and sterile flowers on the secondary branches and the occassional one on primary branches,