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Oncidium andradeanum Andrade's Oncidium


Andrade's Oncidium, Oncidium andradeanum


Oncidium andradeanum Dodson & Bennett 1989 SECTION Oblongata

Partial Shade, Warm Cool Winter

Common Name or Meaning Andrade's Oncidium [Ecuadorian Discoverer of Species current]

Flower Size .8" [2 cm]

Found in Ecuador and Peru in montane wet forests on the western slope of the Andes at elevations of 100 to1800 meters as a warm to cool growing epiphyte with ovate, laterally strongly compressed, ancipitous pseudobulbs partially enveloped below by a few pairs of opposite, conduplicate, leafless and leafbearing sheaths and carrying 2, apical, erect, lanceolate, acute, narrowing below into the conduplicate base leaves that blooms in the winter on an ascending to almost erect, axillary, the peduncle shorter than the rachis, paniculate, 8 to 18 very short branched, several flowered inflroescence with a single flower to each branch and carrying scentless flowers