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Oncidium ansiferum Handle-Bearing Oncidium


Handle-Bearing Oncidium, Oncidium ansiferum


Oncidium ansiferum Rchb. f. 1852 SECTION Oblongata

Part shade Hot to Cool Winter and Spring

Common Name The Handle-Bearing Oncidium [refers to the two projections on the tabula of the column]

Flower Size about 1" [about 2.5 cm]

Found in Costa Rica and Panama in lowland rainforests, cloud forests or deciduous forest at altitudes of 50 to 2500 meters and as such is a large sized, hot to cool growing epiphyte that has clustered, elliptic-oblong , laterally flattened, furrowed pseudobulb subtended by foliaceous, imbricate bracts and one or rarely 2 elliptic-lanceolate, apical leaves that are conduplicate basally with an erect to arching, to 5' [150 cm] long, multi-branched panicle arising on a newly matured pseudobulb that carries a few to many flowers occuring in the winter and spring.

Similar to O stenobulbon but differs by being green, not yellow green, more elliptic-oblong psueudobulbs and has longer leaves, hatchet shaped column-wings and nearly solid dark to yellow tepals and is most often found above 1350 meters. I follow Atwood and Retana in keeping the 2 species separate.

Synonyms Oncidium delumbe Lindl. 1855; Oncidium hieroglyphicum Rchb. f. & Warsz. 1854; Oncidium lankesteri Ames 1923; Oncidium naranjense Schltr. 1923; Oncidium tenue Lindl. 1852; Oncidium tenue var. grandiflorum Lindl. 1852;