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Oncidium bifolium Two-Leaf Oncidium


Two-Leaf Oncidium , Oncidium bifolium


Oncidium bifolium Sims 1812

Common Name The Two-Leaf Oncidium

Flower Size 3/4" to 1" [2 to 2.5 cm]

Found in Bolivia, Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina in hot lowlands along shady streams, to cooler montane forests at elevations of 1000 to 3000 meters as a small sized, cold to warm growing epiphyte with ovoid or ovoid-oblong, deeply sulcate with age pseudobulbs carrying 1 or rarely 2 apical, slightly coriaceosu, lineaqr-oblong, acute leaves that blooms on an axillary, often nodding, 9 to 12" [20 to 35 cm]long, few to several [5 to 20] flowered, racemose or rarely paniculate inflorescence with rigid, narrolwy triangular, acute floral bracts occuring in the summer. Grow in a pot in warm to cool temperatures, with moderate shade, high humidity and a lessening of water in the winter.

Synonyms Ampliglossum bifolium (Sims) Campacci 2006; Coppensia bifolia [Sims] Dumort. 1835; Oncidium batemanianum Griseb 1879; Oncidium bifolium var. majus hort. ex B.S. Williams; Oncidium beyrodtianum Schltr 1910; Oncidium celsianum A.Rich 1844; Oncidium chrysothyrsus Rchb.f. ex R.Warner 1865; Oncidium maculosum Lindl 1837