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Oncidium brunnipetalum Gardner's Oncidium


Gardner's Oncidium, Oncidium brunnipetalum


Oncidium gardneri Lindl. 1843 SECTION Crispa Photo courtesy of Lourens Grobler.

Common Name Gardner's Oncidium [English Botanist 1800's]

Flower Size to about 2" [to 5 cm] Fragrant

A medium sized, cool to cold growing, Brazilian epiphytic plant from the Southeast Atlantic forest with 2 to 3" [5 to 7.5 cm] ovoid, compressed, longitudinally grooved with age and closely spaced on the rhizome psuedobulbs and have 2 oblong-lanceolate, coriaceous yet flexible, 6" to 12" [15 to 30 cm] leaves. The basal, stiff, curved, branched and lax, 3' [90 cm] long inflorescence has many fragrant flowers and occurs through the summer. They require partial shade and even watering and fertilizer while in growth and less after the psuedobulbs mature.

Synonyms Ampliglossum brunnipetalum (Barb.Rodr.) Campacci 2006; Anettea gardneri (Lindl.) Szlach. & Mytnik 2006; Brasilidium gardneri (Lindl.) Campacci 2006; Coppensia brunnipetala (Barb.Rodr.) Campacci 2006; Gomesa brunnipetala (Barb.Rodr.) M.W.Chase & N.H.Williams 2009; Gomesa gardneri (Lindl.) M.W.Chase & N.H.Williams 2009; Gomesa scullyi (Pabst & A.F.Mello) M.W.Chase & N.H.Williams 2009; Gomesa wheatleyana (Gower) M.W.Chase & N.H.Williams 2009; Oncidium brunnipetalum Barb.Rodr. 1882; Oncidium caloglossum Rchb.f. 1885; Oncidium elegantissimum Rchb. f. 1877; Oncidium flabelliferum Paxt. 1849; Oncidium forbesio-dasytele Rolfe ?; Oncidium gardneri subsp. caloglossum (Rchb.f.) Fowlie 1976; Oncidium gardneri var. pollettianum (Rchb.f.) Cogn. 1905; Oncidium gardneri var. praestans (Rchb.f.) Cogn. 1905; Oncidium gardneri var. elegantissimum (Rchb.f.) Cogn. 1905; Oncidium gardnerianum hort. 1880; Oncidium larkinianum Gower 1890; Oncidium pectorale var. caloglossum (Rchb.f.) Cogn.1905; Oncidium pectorale var. larkinianum (Gower) Cogn. 1905; Oncidium pollettianum Rchb.f. 1886; Oncidium praestans Rchb.f. 1880; Oncidium praetextum Morr. ?; Oncidium wheatleyanum Gower 1893