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Oncidium cebolleta Onion Leaf Oncidium


Onion Leaf Oncidium , Oncidium cebolleta


Oncidium cebolleta (Jacq.) Sw. 1800 SECTION Cebolletae Photo courtesy of Jay Pfahl

Part sun Hot to Cool LATE Winter Spring

Common Name The Onion Leaf Oncidium

Flower Size to 1 1/2" [to 4 cm]

This medium sized, hot to cool growing, caespitose, epiphytic species with terete, sulcate, erect or suberect, fleshy leaves and very small, tubular pseudobulbs that are subtended by large white sheaths and is found in the American tropics in seasonally dry or moist forests and is the most widespread Oncicium, is found at elevations of 150 to 1700 meters in elevation in xerophytic conditions where it blooms in the late winter and spring with a basal, arcuate, 2 1/2' [75 cm] long, simple or short branched, multi-flowered raceme arising on a newly matured pseudobulb. This pendulous to lateral growing orchid needs to be mounted on tree fern or wood and likes high light and humidity and water while growing and less to none when mature. This plant was used by the precolumbian indians in central America as a type of hallucinogen, as to how I am not sure.

Synonyms Cohniella cebolleta (Jacq.) Christenson 1999; Cymbidium juncifolium Willd. 1805; Dendrobium cebolleta Jacq. 1760 [erroneous]; *Epidendrum cebolleta Jacq. 1760; Epidendrum juncifolium L. 1763; Oncidium brachyphyllum Lindl. 1842; Oncidium cebolleta var. purum L.C.Menezes 1991; Oncidium cepula Hoffmanns. 1843; Oncidium glaziovii Cogn. 1906; Oncidium longifolium Lindl. 1841; Oncidium sepula Hoffmanns. 1843; Oncidium sprucei Lindley 1855; Oncidium ultrajectinum Pulle 1907; Stilifolium cebolleta (Jacq.) Koniger & Pongr. 1997; Trichocentrum cebolleta (Jacq.) M.W.Chase & N.H.Williams 2001; Trichocentrum sprucei (Lindl.) M.W.Chase & N.H.Williams 2001;