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Oncidium citrinum Yellow Oncidium


Yellow Oncidium , Oncidium citrinum


Oncidium citrinum Lindl. 1835 Photo by Byron Rinke

Common Name The Yellow Oncidium

Flower Size .8" [2 cm]

Found in Trinidad & Tobago, Venezuela and Colombia in rainforests at elevations of 400 to 2050 meters as a mini-miniature to small sized warm to cool growing epiphyte with a short rhizome giving rise to thin, laterally strongly compressed, ancipitous, often ribbed pseudobulbs enveloped basally by several pairs, imbricating, leaf bearing in youth sheaths and carrying 1 to 2 apical, clear light green above, dull below, linear-oblong, rounded apically, becoming conduplicate towards the base leaves that blooms in the summer on an erect, paniculate, 28 to 39" [70 to 1000 cm] long, many flowered inflorescence arising from the leaf axil of a mature pseudobulb and has triangular, close fitting bracts spaced 2" [5 cm] apart towards the lower part and carries about 10 flowers per branch

Synonyms Oncidium citrinum var. rotundatum Regel 1856; Oncidium citrinum var. verum Regel 1856