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Oncidium coloratum  Colored Oncidium


 Colored Oncidium , Oncidium coloratum


Oncidium coloratum Königer & J.G. Weinm. 1994 SECTION Waluewa

Part shade Cool to Warm Fall

Common Name The Colored Oncidium

Flower Size .6" [1.5 cm]

Found in Espiritu Santo State, Brazil in the foothills of the coastal mountains at elevations around 300 to 1000 meters as a miniature sized, warm to cool growing epiphyte with narrowly ovate, laterally compressed pseudobulbs partially enveloped basally by 1 to 2 scarious bracts and carrying a single, apical,lanceolate to linear-lanceolate, leathery, acute, conduplicate below into the short, narrow, petiole-like base that blooms in the fall on an axillary, slender, terete, 1.6" [4 cm] long, ascending to spreading inflorescence arising on a mature pseudobulb and carrying 1 to 3 small, pubescent flowers.

Synonyms Carria colorata [Königer & J.G. Weinm.] Castro & Lacerda 2005; Carriella colorata [Königer & J.G. Weinm.] Castro & Lacerda 2005