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Oncidium crispum Curled Oncidium


Curled Oncidium , Oncidium crispum


Oncidium crispum Lodd. 1832 SECTION Crispa Photo courtesy of Jay Pfahl

Common Name The Curled Oncidium [refers tothe sepals and petals being wavy]

Flower Size 2 to 3" [5 to 7.5 cm]

Found in Minas Gerais State of Brazil at an altitude of 900 to 1200 meters as a small sized, warm to cool growing epiphyte with large, ovoid, strongly compressed, clustered, deeply sulcate in time pseudobulbs partially enveloped by dry scarious bracts and carrying 2 to 3 apical, large, coriaceous, oblong-lanceolate, acute above, attenuate below leaves that blooms on a erect or arching, 2 1/2' [75 cm] long, many [40 to 80] flowered, strongly branched, mottled with dull crimson, paniculate inflorescence occuring in the fall and winter.

Synonyms Anettea crispa (Lodd. ex Lindl.) Szlach. & Mytnik 2006; Anettea imperatoris-maximiliani (Rchb.f.) Szlach. & Mytnik 2006; Brasilidium crispum (Lodd. ex Lindl.) Campacci 2006; Oncidium crispum var. aureum auct. 1898; Oncidium crispum var. flabellulatum Lindl. in B.Stein 1892; Oncidium crispum var. grandiflorum auct. 1870; Oncidium crispum var. limbatum Cogn. 1898; Oncidium crispum var. lionetianum Cogn. 1899; Oncidium crispum var. ochraceum Rchb.f. 1888; Oncidium crispum var. olivaceum Rchb.f. 1877; Oncidium crispum var. rodriguesii Cogn.1905; Oncidium crispum var. sublaeve Rchb.f. 1872; Oncidium imperatoris-maximiliani Rchb.f. 1866