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Oncidium dichromaticum Two Colored Oncidium


Two Colored Oncidium , Oncidium dichromaticum


Oncidium dichromaticum Rchb.f. 1855 SECTION Oblongata

Part shade Hot Warm Spring

Common Name or Meaning The Two Colored Oncidium

Flower Size 1" [2.5 cm]

Found in the Guanacaste coast of Costa Rica and Panama at elevations of 20 to 1100 meters as a small sized, hot to warm growing epiphyte on large tree trunks among Oncidium ampliatum, distinguished out of flower by it's less rounded, flat, smooth pseudobulbs with deep purple brown spots and has a small interuption at the apex where it carries 3 apical, linear-lanceolate, acute, and narrows below into a conduplicate base and blooms in the spring on a 16" + {40 cm+} long, paniculate, with short, slender few flowered branches, several flowered inflorescence with a few flowers on each branch

Often confused with Oncidium parviflorum but differs in always having a white callus, bifurcate lip, and an erect dorsal petal as well as 5 short -permanent- leaves, two bracteous pseudo-leaves at the bottom of the bulb and THREE very characteristic leaves on top, and this plant always shows a small interruption at the top of the bulb. See differences photo, flower and plant.

Synonyms Oncidium andreae Königer 1996; Oncidium cabagrae Schltr. 1911; Oncidium castaneum Rchb.f. ex Kraenzl. 1922; Oncidium rechingerianum Kraenzl. 1922