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Oncidium donianum Don's Oncidium


Don's Oncidium, Oncidium donianum


Oncidium donianum Bateman ex W.Baxter 1850 SECTION Sysepala Photo courtesy of Americo Docha Neto and Orchidstudium

Fragrance Part shade Cool

Common Name Don's Oncidium [Scottish Collector in Brazil 1800's]

Flower Size .7" [1.7 cm]

Found in Rio de Janiero, Sao Paulo, Parana and Santa Catarina Brazil in cool mountains but as of now no more info is available.

Synonyms Ampliglossum donianum (Bateman ex W.Baxter) Campacci 2006; Coppensia doniana (Bateman ex W.Baxter) Campacci 2006; Oncidium mixtum Schltr. 1926