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Oncidium gauntlettii Gauntlett's Tolumnia


Gauntlett's Tolumnia , Oncidium gauntlettii


Tolumnia gauntlettii (Withner & H.P.Jesup) Nir 1994

Common Name Gauntlett's Tolumnia [Jamaican Discoverer of species current]

Flower Size .22" [6 mm] wide

Found in Jamaica as a mini-miniature sized, hot to warm growing epiphyte with a fan of imbricate, distichous, conduplicate, coriaceous, slightly curved, stiff, oblong-lanceolate, falcate, carinate, acute, serrulate to smooth above leaves that blooms in the fall through spring on a lateral, erect, filamentous, stiff, wiry, to 4" [10 cm] long, successively few [1 to 3] flwered inflorescence with 3 to 4, thin, membraneous, triangular, tightly adpressed at the nodes bracts and a similar floral bract.

The Flower represented in the photos may be a hybrid as there are too many flowers, the species description states that there are no more than three, but the flower in the photos does match the description by both Withner and Nir.. Iawait more information.
Synonyms Jamaiciella gauntlettii (Withner & H.P.Jesup) Braem 1980; Olgasis gauntlettii Braem 1984; *Oncidium gauntlettii Withner & H.P.Jesup 1964