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Oncidium gravesianum Graves Oncidium


Graves Oncidium, Oncidium gravesianum


Oncidium gravesianum Rolfe 1892 SECTION Crispa Photo by Lourens Grobler

Part sun Warm Cool EARLY Fall

Common Name Graves Oncidium [English Horticultural Society Member later 1800's]

Flower Size 2" [5 cm]

Endemic to Pernambuco, Bahia and Minas Gerais State in northeastern Brazil at elevations around 500 to 1000 meters as a small sized, cool to warm growing epiphyte and is often confused with Onc endersianum but differs in producing many more flowers that occur in the early fall and by being found in Pernambuco instead of Sao Paulo and Rio. This orchid has purplish suffused with brown, compressed pseudobulbs carrying 2 apical leaves and blooms in the early fall in situ on a basal, 12 to 18" [30 to 45 cm] long, 8 to 16 flowered inflorescence .

Synonyms Anettea gravesiana (Rolfe) Szlach. & Mytnik 2006; Brasilidium gravesianum (Rolfe) Campacci 2006; Gomesa gravesiana (Rolfe) M.W.Chase & N.H.Williams 2009