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Oncidium macronyx Large Clawed Oncidium


Large Clawed Oncidium, Oncidium macronyx


Oncidium macronyx Rchb. f. 1881 SECTION Rhinocerotes Photo courtesy of Lourens Grobler

Common Name The Large Clawed Oncidium [refers to the callus shaped like a claw]

Flower Size 3/4" [2 cm]

Found in south of Brazil (Santa Catarina, Rio Grande do Sul), Paraguay, Argentina in low montane rainforest; hot, humid lowlands. Is a small sized, warm to cool growing epiphyte with clustered, oblong-conical, slightly compressed, ridged pseudobulbs partially enveloped basally by a few papery sheaths carrying 1 or 2 apical, curved, rigid, oblong to oblong-ligulate, subacute leaves that are deep green blooms in the spring, summer and fall on a basal, 14 to 22" [35 to 55 cm] long, paniculate inflorescence arising on a newly matured pseudobulb with spreading, subdistichous, slender branches and membraneous floral bracts. This plant is often confused with the Oncidium longicornu Mutel, by which it is very similar but differs in the format of the lip and calli of the labellum .

Synonyms Rhinocidium macronyx (Rchb.f.) Baptista 2006