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Oncidium macropetalum Large Petal Oncidium


Large Petal Oncidium , Oncidium macropetalum


Oncidium macropetalum Lindl. 1841 SECTION Barbata Photo courtesy of Jay Pfahl

Common Name The Large Petal Oncidium

Flower Size 1 1/4" [3.2 cm]

This miniature, hot to warm growing species from Paraguay, Minas Gerais, Goias, Matto Grosso and Sao Paulo states of Brazil and Bolivia? is found in the hot lowlands and savannahs at elevations up to 1000 meters and has conical, somewhat laterally compressed, fluted psuedobulbs subtended by 1 to 2 leaf-bearing sheaths and carries 1 or 2, apical, arching, acute leaves and blooms on an axillary, slender, arcuate to pendulous, 18" [40 cm] long, few to many flowered, paniculate inflorescence arising on a mature pseudobulb occuring in the winter and spring. Supply warm to cool temperatures with moderate light , plenty of water while growing and less when not, as well as good air movement will ensure a happy plant

Synonyms Alatiglossum macropetalum ( Lindl. ) Baptista 2006 ; Oncidium macropetalum Lindl. var. micranthum G.F.J.Pabst 1977