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Oncidium micropogon Tiny Beard Oncidium


Tiny Beard Oncidium , Oncidium micropogon


Oncidium micropogon Rchb.f 1854 SECTION Barbata Photo courtesy of David Jubineau

Common Name The Tiny Beard Oncidium

Flower Size 1 3/4" [4 cm]

A Brazilian species from hot lowlands near riverine trees and from cool montane forests at elevations around 300 meters that is a small sized, warm to hot growing epiphytic species with broad, ovoid, compressed, 2 to 3 ribbed, psuedobulbs partially enveloped by 2 basal leaf-bearing sheaths and carrying 1 or 2 apical, coriaceous, linear oblong, coriaceous leaves with rounded apices and blooms in the summer and fall on an axillary, arching to pendulous, flexuous, 1 1/2' [30 to 45 cm] long, racemose, few to several [3 to 10] flowered inflorescence with ovate-triangular, acute bracts. Mount this species on tree fern slabs and give warm to cool temperatures, moderate light and high humidity.

Synonyms Alatiglossum psyche (Schltr.) Baptista 2006; Alatiglossum micropogon (Rchb.f.) Baptista 2006; Oncidium bahiense (Cogn.) Schltr. 1921; Oncidium dentatum Klotsch 1855; Oncidium macropetalum Klotzsch 1855; Oncidium macropterum Kl. ?; Oncidium micropogon var. bahiensis Cogn. 1905; Oncidium psyche Schltr. 1921